Ryan & Ayesha - A Danby Castle Wedding

I had met up with Ryan & Ayesha a few months before the big day, taking some fun/relaxed pictures around their home town of Saltburn, which was great to be able to feature the beautiful Victorian pier and surrounding cliffs as the backdrop.

Skip ahead a few months to the beginning of summer, and the bridal party are getting ready at the amazing La Rosa Hotel in whitby, I of course spend a few frantic hours filming and shooting pictures of the fun, the dresses and general details of the day.

Now I learned a pretty important lesson next, always (ALWAYS!) research the wedding venue in advance, even when you know where it is, as I made my way to the wedding venue, my phone and it's all important directions, died... I had fully charged the thing only a few hours before, and it was gone.. Leaving me with no directions, in the middle of the north Yorkshire moors. Thankfully I got the the venue in good time thanks to the directions from a local shop...

The rest of the day was superb, a lovely, intimate wedding ceremony at Danby castle, followed by some great drinks, and entertainment provided by the grooms band!

Enjoy some video highlights.