It's Wedding Season! 2017 summer adventures.

It has been a while since I last visited this blog section, so I thought an update was long overdue, hang on whilst I make a cup of coffee, and I'll get to it...

Ok, so yes where was I, oh yes weddings, I am in the process of working through my last wedding a couple of weeks ago in Morley, which is lovely town near Leeds, I had never been to this town before, so was looking forward to visiting somewhere new.

Funnily enough I know the town and it's history quite well, as someone I have done a lot of work with in Music was from the area, and it plays a large influence on his songwriting, from working mens club summer trips to the history of the textile mills, so it was nice to finally visit the town I felt I knew rather well..

Anyway, that was a good day and as usual everybody was a good sport and got involved, the kids had fun and we had good weather!!!

Here is a selection of clips from the day

In other news, I have recently invested in a shiny new computer, as editing lots of wedding images and video does take a lot of processing, you do need something you can rely on, so a new Apple i-Mac is now the tool of choice, and so far it is proving a worth while addition to my ever growing collection of toys, the wife took it quite well also.

Next week will be a bit of a test, as I'll be doing my first "Double header" weekend, I'll be shooting a wedding on Friday with Vicky & Dean, then doing it all again the following day with Jenny & Kieran, before heading out for a short break for the week on Sunday with the family, it's going to a very tiring weekend, but should be great fun.

Right, my coffee is getting cold now, I'd best get on with finishing this wedding gallery also, if you have read this far, many thanks..