It's Wedding Season! 2017 summer adventures.

It has been a while since I last visited this blog section, so I thought an update was long overdue, hang on whilst I make a cup of coffee, and I'll get to it...

Ok, so yes where was I, oh yes weddings, I am in the process of working through my last wedding a couple of weeks ago in Morley, which is lovely town near Leeds, I had never been to this town before, so was looking forward to visiting somewhere new.

Funnily enough I know the town and it's history quite well, as someone I have done a lot of work with in Music was from the area, and it plays a large influence on his songwriting, from working mens club summer trips to the history of the textile mills, so it was nice to finally visit the town I felt I knew rather well..

Anyway, that was a good day and as usual everybody was a good sport and got involved, the kids had fun and we had good weather!!!

Here is a selection of clips from the day

In other news, I have recently invested in a shiny new computer, as editing lots of wedding images and video does take a lot of processing, you do need something you can rely on, so a new Apple i-Mac is now the tool of choice, and so far it is proving a worth while addition to my ever growing collection of toys, the wife took it quite well also.

Next week will be a bit of a test, as I'll be doing my first "Double header" weekend, I'll be shooting a wedding on Friday with Vicky & Dean, then doing it all again the following day with Jenny & Kieran, before heading out for a short break for the week on Sunday with the family, it's going to a very tiring weekend, but should be great fun.

Right, my coffee is getting cold now, I'd best get on with finishing this wedding gallery also, if you have read this far, many thanks..


Happy New Year!

Yes I know I am a little bit late with this new year greeting, but better late than never I guess..

Ok so as the dust settles from xmas, I have had a crazy couple of weeks regarding wedding day enquires, January really is the busiest month of the year for my e-mail, so much so I am pretty much booked for the year ahead and for a few dates for 2018 already.

The first wedding of the year came as a bit of a surprise really, when someone who I have worked with many times on music projects, got in contact and asked me to film their wedding day the following week.. Yes the following week!

Anyway I made a few quick buys on amazon and ebay and equipped myself with a few ZOOM H1 mini recorders and lavaliere microphones, which I'll be using to capture speeches and ceremony audio.

Here is a 1 minute teaser of the day.


Website updates, new content and gallery's

Greetings visitors!

So what have I been up to recently you ask?

Well I been shooting some really great weddings over the last few weeks, which has been incredible fun. I travelled to North Wales a few weeks ago for a rainy wedding day, but managed to capture some images I am really happy with, so massive thanks to Kate & Adam for coming up with some great idea's, and being game for a laugh to try things..

I've shot my first back to back wedding this year, which was super tiring, but really worth doing.. To make the challenge even more interesting 1 was in Darlington, the next was in Oxford, so as you can imagine, I did cover a few miles that weekend.

So now I've got a load of images to work on (over 5000 in fact) so I'll be busy clicking my mouse and listening to tunes whilst hammering out the prints and online gallery's.

If you haven't noticed I have been adding some new sections to the website as well, which is brilliant to do, as it does take a while to gather content for a fledgling website, but it is at last starting to come together..

On another note, I also bought a new camera for backup purposes, my wife will be thrilled I'm sure.

Right, I'm going to finish this cup of coffee, before it goes cold.


Cheerio for now!



Wedding Albums & Presentation USB Box

Over recent weeks I have received a number of requests and questions regarding wedding albums, so I thought I would update the blog with a little information about some of the options available..

Gone are the days of the classic wedding album we are all probably familiar with, we have endless options for print, cover & paper types and packaging, you might be working to a tight budget, whatever the situation, your options are open.

USB PACKAGING - By wooden Banana 

So as a basic digital package, I love the packaging offered by Wooden Banana. Clean, simple & beautiful boxes, with space for a USB stick and a selection of prints.

The Digital Wedding Album - By Sim Imaging.

When it comes to wedding albums, I love the finish and quality of those produced by Sim Imaging, Loxleycolour & Queensbury Albums.

The options as you can imagine are vast, but this is something you can leave until after the big day if it made things easier. I find talking albums is best done together, but I can't recommend how much better your images will feel and look when printed professionally...


Adventures with a GoPro

I finally pulled my finger out and bought a GoPro HERO 4 Black Edition a few months ago, obviously I told the wife that this new purchase would be an awesome addition for the business side of things.

Anyway, I didn't get into to much trouble for adding another gadget to my ever growing collection of photographic stuff, and have been getting to grips with what this little thing can do, and how it can benefit my work..

So it's very small, and films amazing 4K footage, as well as being super robust and water proof. It is also super handy for filming slow motion and timelapse footage, which is where it will be of most use to me I guess..

Much to my wife's disgust, I'll probably get another one at some point, but maybe not just yet..

A few weeks ago my son was set the task of having some fun during the half term break, and document your adventures, of course this was a great opportunity to whip out the GoPro and have some fun..  

The school thought this was great fun, and the wife was pretty chuffed with the result..

A few weeks before this we got together with some family to celebrate the 40th wedding anniversary of my parents in law, we had walks and a swimming pool, yep I took the GoPro to that as well..

So if you see me at your event, fiddling with a little box, probably somewhere weird, that'll be me setting up the camera..


The Wedding Film

Greetings anyone that may be reading this, feel free to comment or contact me if you have any further thought for me or idea's I could maybe implement..

So, wedding film.. 

I have been asked on a few occasions about filming weddings, which isn't something I do as a traditional "Videographer".

I do however film a lot of HD movie footage during an event, really just to add to slideshows and capture a little bit of the day for the bride & groom to go back to one day.

That said do want to add a little more focus to this through 2016, and of course learn more and become better at making nice little films as well as trying to take lots of pictures.

I have just added a GoPro Hero 4 black edition to my collection of gadgets, which will great for filming timelapse footage, or placing somewhere a little odd, where I probably couldn't get to with my normal camera, I'll probably add another 1 or 2 similar units that will allow me a load of extra creative freedom with video.

Below is a little edit of some footage from 2016.



I am currently uploading a short video filmed with the gopro, I might blog that soon..


Cheers for now!

Hayley & Andrew, Rudby Hall, December 2015 Sneak Peak Photos

So a few days ago I spent the day taking photos of Hayley & Andrew's wedding at the lovely Rudby Hall in Stokesley.

These preview images are just a fraction of the 1700 pictures I took throughout the day, along with some video as well, all of which I will return to after the festive period.

I will also add a video highlights section to this page.

Please feel free to share or download the images if you were a guest, or wait till the full gallery is available in the new year for printable images..

Many thanks to Hayley and Andrew for asking me to be a part of their day, the staff at Rudby Hall, all the guests for being a good sport, and Kings Celebrant Services, who conducted a lovely ceremony.

Have a super Christmas!


quik wedding  (70 of 78).jpg

A tail of the white van man.. A cautionary tale of a failed delivery..

So after an event like a wedding, you spend quite a lot of time backing up & organising data, then editing all the images you think are of a good standard to send to Mr & Mrs, then of course you move onto designing the wedding album, and ordering all the parts.. 

On this occasion I had to deal with the supplier of my Album & USB case missing out some of the order, so I had already waited 2 weeks for print and delivery, before the happy day I could finally send off the goodies to my bride and groom..

So, I use a local courier company quite a lot, I have use their service many times in the past, sending guitars and all manner of things over the last few years, all error free..

Yes you can guess, Despite my best efforts the album and its wonderful content do not arrive, the courier sub contracted this job out to FedEx, who not only failed to deliver the package, they leave it with a neighbour, oh wait maybe it was a different neighbour, and they can not provide any kind of proof of posting either.. "Did your guy just throw it in the bin?"

I do wonder how you can deliver, yet lose such a bulky, and important package and have absolutely no proof of where you left it or who with, in this fantastic modern era or tracking and things..

Obviously I have now had to re-order all the components again, and claim on the FedEx insurance policy, which of course takes about 2 weeks. 

So lesson learnt, always use royal mail, at least they will keep hold of your things till you can collect them..

Wedding / Engagement video - Effort #1

If you don't already know, I do enjoy filming and editing video. In fact it has been an interest since the first time I connected 2 VHS recorders, and started editing movie clips together and over dubbing them with music when I was about 15..

Over the past couple of years I have made a few super low budget music videos for some local bands, and have recently started to integrate this into my photography.

Although I'm not to sure if this would even be something that would interest all that many people really, but whilst out and about with Jenny & Kieren the other week, taking some pictures in the sun, I decided to film some footage and make some kind of engagement video..

I didn't want to take up to much time messing about with video whilst out with a couple, but I can certainly see a use for this in the future.. 

I would like to maybe include a short interview with the couple, bring up maybe a funny story or 2 about when they met, and make it something to sit back and enjoy with the kids in years to come..

Greetings website visitors!

Ok so blog number 1..

I have made a few attempts at blogging in the past, and failed, but I shall make a real effort to keep this one up to date and relevant.

The big day for Jenny & Kieren isn't till 2017, but they are keen to have their affairs in order, well in advance of the event, good idea I say!

We met up at the church venue, which is a nice big old building in the centre of Ilkley, had a walk around in the sun, before moving on to the reception venue at Bolton Abbey.

Of course we took a few pictures in the afternoon sun, and chatted about the big day ahead.

It is a shame it is so far in advance almost, as I am looking forward to this..

See you there?